Structure Integrity

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What is structure integrity ?
Structural integrity and failure is an aspect of engineering which deals with the ability of a structure to support a designed load (weight, force, etc…) without breaking, tearing apart, or collapsing, and includes the study of breakage that has previously occurred in order to prevent failures in future designs. Structural integrity is the term used for the performance characteristic applied to a component, a single structure, or a structure consisting of different components. It assures that the construction will perform its designed function, during reasonable use, for as long as the designed life of the structure. Items are constructed with structural integrity to ensure that catastrophic failure does not occur, which can result in injuries, severe damage, death, and/or monetary losses.

What energia do for structure integrity work

Design stage
our main job is to assess draft design structure , measuring potential failure into risk categories low ,medium or high .

Fabrication stage
energia work with fabricator company to validate proper and safe method to build structure .

Existing structure
energia assisting structure owner to define and measuring structure failure problem , analyze initial problem , and define efficient solution

What is Energia keyword for structure integrity
structure , corrosion , vibration , stress corrosion crack , erosion , structure lifetime , risk analysis , prediction and more

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