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What is Finite Element Analysis ( FEA) ?
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer based method of simulating/analyzing the behavior of engineering structures and components under a variety of conditions. It is an advanced engineering tool that is used in design and to augment/replace experimental testing . (wiki)

Why engineering need FEA ?
Build new structure , with empirical solution engineer depend on design standard and design rule . But with complex load condition , complex design , complex component and complex material , empirical solution can’t give enough answer for safety criteria and comply with design regulation . FEA Tools can explain structure phenomena under complex load condition , ultimate stress value and maximum deformation location.

Structure Failure , existing structure inspection find out design failure and need to answer still can be use or not . Or if structure already collapse and need find out root cause to prevent same defect in future . FEA tools , can analyses structure failure and make validation why its happen . and last stage with our expertise we can give next recommendation to prevent structure failure .

What is Finite element method ( FEM) keyword ?
Simulate , analyze , design failure , improvement rate , optimizing design ,reaction force , load , stress , and deformation

What is Finite element method ( FEM) working scope ?
FEA’s working scope : Structure analysis, dynamic structure behavior, vibration analysis,fatigue, structure interaction, fracture and life time estimation

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