Design Engineering Services

design and engineering services indonesia

What do we do?
Energia indonesia expert team provide design engineering services, assist project development process, design feasibility, and review all possibilities starting from the beginning of the project then present to project owner for the benefits, the opportunities and risks for the designed proposal.

Energia specified work :

Design assist include CAD / drawing basic data –> 3D Modeling –> Assembly mode –> FEA/CFD Simulation –> Result –> Validation –>  Process Fabrication stage

Advanced technology application such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for structure analysis, Computational fluid dynamic ( CFD ) for fluid and heat transfer, Energy plus, and more tools to optimize industrialization process.

Energia Milestone & Experience
Design new equipment and evaluate process with zero failure since 2011

Design engineering services client & operating scope:
Oil and Gas structure and process
Mineral exploration
Power generation
Onshore – offshore infrastructure
Manufacture industries
Research and development
Applied technology

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