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Metallurgy ITB – CFD in Metallurgy – Sharing Session – 2020

A Collaboration with Metallurgy ITB – Reducing Technology Gap , Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation in metallurgy and Industry

Presentation keyword : Thermal optimization , Energy Saving , Cost Down

with D.Sc. (Tech.) Imam Santoso

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metallurgy seminar indonesia

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Shaft Design Consideration

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Shaft Design Consideration

Shaft is critical part for engineering equipment. Shaft design should accommodate function, load , and reliability

contact us to confirm and validate your shaft design . minimize shaft failure by tension , force and moment load .

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Energia indonesia Goes to Campus – Institute Technology Bandung

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ITB – Technology Day

Energia Indonesia Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation Specialist , meet student and do sharing session about technology . explain how robust engineering work , development approach , encourage student to learn more and get ready for new challenge in engineering life

“it’s good idea to have sharing session with student ” says our Computational Fluid Dynamic specialist – Mr Ramadhani

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Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a major issue for pipeline transmission and process facilities in oil and gas industries. More than 30% failure frequency caused by corrosion which will bring  significant impact on maintenance cost and production capacity.  Lifecycle of SCC growth should be monitored and controlled to predict failure. Using Finite Element Method to calculate local stress in pipeline geometry, SCC can be measured since the very first time that the initial crack  happened. Projecting actual surface of corrosion and advance technique of modelling are also needed to increase the accuracy of simulation, instead of only using simplified profile and conventional meshing technique in pre-processing sequence. This study is trying to explain the measurement of growth stress which happen in corroded pipeline caused by the mechanical aspect such as internal pressure . The conclusion of this study is to asses and measure potential failure of SCC. Knowing the potential failure of SCC will be a critical input for operation and design feasibility.


contact us for complete information

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FEA welding simulation – advance technique

advance welding simualtion

advance welding simualtion

introduce advance technic of finite element

previously finite element simulation for structure ignoring welding process effect –

using advance technique , energia indoneisa expert adding welding effect for structure calculation

1st stage – input welding process , include heat flux , welding sequence

and this is result of welding motion for next FEA calculation


more info , contact us


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computational fluid dynamic for health safety enviroment

one of example for CFD application for health and safety enviroment analysis



application of CFD for HSE

application of CFD for HSE

link slideshare

CFD application for HSE

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energia work – bubble dynamic simulation

bubble dynamic simulaton

o bubble dynamic simulaton

working with bubble , simple thing with buoyancy effect ,

optimizing bubble motion for mixing process , 2 phase flow , and energy efficiency
sounds great

so this is how energia work , started with sketch for “saving” an idea

bubble dynamic motion using computational fluid dynamic sound’s great

lets work with it








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Vibration analysis , liquid coal slurry tank

energia indonesia hired as engineering consultant for Armindo Jaya Mandiri.  review  design , re-calculate mechanical performance optimizing dimension and review manufacturing process. energia indonesia also assist client with several option to solve design problem  . using FEA approximation and numerical calculation to predicting vibration , fatigue , and stress . 

Project owner : PT JGC Indonesia

Fabricator : PT Armindo Jaya Mandiri



vibration calculation
vibration calculation


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how good your design ?

some engineer calculate and make design base on requirement at field .
but next question , how good our design , is worth with investment for make the equipment

in some case , Designer make the part over spec and increase cost of operation , but in other time , designer make the part below limit ,

so we are here , energia indonesia
with our experience , we can give solution for your requirement
we can translate your design to be good design
and achieve all aspect , good performance ,low cost , quality

please contact us
if you interest with our capability and expertise

warm regards

Right Analysis Right Decision