What is Ansys ? Ansys Inc , is an American company based in Canonsburg Pennsylvania. Ansys Software develop and leading market for engineering simulation software . with Ansys software covering area for Product Design activity , engineering product testing and engineering operation . Ansys software also offering product and software to customer worldwide .

Why Ansys Design? Ansys software covering all process for engineering solution , start with Design Phase , Ansys Space claim and Ansys Discovery can help you to design and optimizing design . explore idea , iterate and innovate with Ansys Discovery 3D design software . with easy to use software we can create optimum design and smarter product .

Why Ansys Electronic ? another capability with specific and unique simulation electromagnetic . Ansys electronics can review performance across component , electronic circuit , and system design . Ansys electronic also can evaluate temperature , vibration and another critical mechanical influence . Ansys electronic

Why Ansys fluids ? Ansys CFD goes beyond qualitative result to deliver accurate prediction for fluid material . Ansys fluid with Ansys Fluent , Ansys CFX

If you interested with update ANSYS Software please contact us . we can assist to purchase ANSYS Software in indonesia . as part of ANSYS Software community in indonesia we believe we can develop Research and Development in indonesia with latest technology . Energia Indonesia have huge experience with Simulation experience related Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS Software in indonesia region .

ANSYS Software multiphysics version 2022 R1 capabilities with update function :

ANSYS Fluent – Computational Fluid Dynamic approach

ANSYS Mechanical – structural FEA analysis software

ANSYS Discovery – 3D product simulation software

ANSYS Spaceclaim – 3D CAD Modeling software

ANSYS Sherlock – Electronic reliability prediction software

ANSYS Granta – Material Database for simulation

ANSYS Motor CAD – Electromechanical design software

ANSYS Twin Builder

ANSYS Lumerical FDTD – Simulation for photonic component

and more

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