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Atmospheric and Galvanic Corrosion issue

The water and water vapor inside the casing can lead to atmospheric and galvanic corrosion issues. Additionally, the presence of water can cause electrolytic shorting between the pipeline and the casing that could affect the level of cathodic protection on the carrier pipe.

engineering approach with correct material selection corrosion protection and process operation setup should be mandatory activity for safety operation

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Gas Leak Control LPG Sphere Tank

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API 2510 and NFPA 58 explain about requirement for LNG Storage Product . Procedure for emergency shutdown is explain for all loading and un loading area and inlet and outlet tank . Manual operation of emergency shutdown is activated by operator using a emergency button located adjacent to the transfer and loading point . This shutdown procedure should be automated and can be activated by supporting control system ie Scada automation control . Interconnecting capability with flame detector , gas detector and upset process condition.

Aim for this scenario to stop the flow of uncontrolled release to limit the size of leaked amount of gas . if the gas flow cant stop from the LPG leakage source , the LPG will be leaked continuously .

Another effect from this condition , emergency action plan will be more difficult for site response team. first action to stop LPG sphere tank leaked . key point for maintenance and reliability check where control of emergency shutoff valve should be check regularly .

keyword : Gas Leakage , LPG Sphere tank maintenance , Tank Reliability . ANSYS FEA Simulation , CFD Simulation , Structure integrity .

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Fire Safety in Pipeline and Tank

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In Engineering Reliability and Process Safety activity , position of the flanges is important for the safety of pipelines and tank. Option for gasket Selection, gasket installation and general flange controls are extremely critical in the fire and process safety.

Gasket installation there are many important control point :

  1. Proper gasket material.
  2. Examine flanges surface
  3. Proper torque of bolt
  4. Alignment of flange faces
  5. Bolt holes
  6. Step for tightening bolt
  7. Potential Corrosion

Leak that’s my occur in the flanges can even cause jet fires. while in the flanges are positioned on the installation. risk assessment should be made by considering the jet fire possibilities. if jet fires impact on the tank shell , bleve will be very quickly. Gasket are small but important details for the safety on your facilities.

Energia Indonesia can assist engineering reliability activity and review process safety . With advanced tools and experienced engineer , we can increase accuracy analysis and reduce potential failure .

Scope of work :

Engineering Process Safety . Reliability services. Finite element analysis . Computational fluid dynamics . ansys software . ansys fluent . Gas leakage Detection .

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