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Energia Indonesia – SKK MIGAS FDG Activity

Energia Indonesia – SKK Migas Focus Group Discussion activity Mr Ramadhani Santoso Presenting to SKK Migas for application Advanced Engineering Technology for oil and gas Sharing updated technology related exploration and production for SKK migas development

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Energia indonesia Goes to Campus – Institute Technology Bandung

ITB – Technology Day Energia Indonesia Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation Specialist , meet student and do sharing session about technology . explain how robust engineering work , development approach , encourage student to learn more and get ready for new challenge in engineering life “it’s good idea to have sharing session with student ” says

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Sulfuric acid dew point Corrosion

Sulphuric acid dew point corrosion or cold end corrosion occurs due to the condensation of sulphuric acid and is commonly observed in components which are exposed to product of combustion . ie Boiler or an engine. sulphuric is present in heavy oil and during combustion, Sulphur oxide are generated . a small portion of which

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Machine performance vs machine failure – P – F Diagram

how to maintenance equipment depend on strategy maintenance . with maintenance option , proactive domain , predictive domain and protective domain , we can evaluate machine performance vs failure initial phenomena , wear debris , vibration noise , heat dissipation and smoke is signal factor for predict machine performance . this P-F diagram can be

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Mechanical Wear Protection calculation

How to calculate mechanical wear , Stribeck Curve explain how to increase protection equipment agains mechanical wear control related wear , film thickness and coefficient of friction for boundary lubrication , mixed film lubrication and hydrodynamic lubrication

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Factor Influence Corrosion

Factor Influence for Corrosion Environment effect : Degree of Aeration , Flow Velocity , Impurities , pH , Temperature , Concentration of Corrodents Material Effect : Surface Condition , Composition , Micro Structure , Hot/Cold Hardening Stress Effect : Design Factor, Fabrication , Metallurgy Factor

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Blast Furnace Construction

BLAST FURNACE The blast furnace is a counter-current gas/solids reactor in which the descending column of burden materials [coke, iron ore and fluxes/additives] reacts with the ascending hot gases. The process is continuous with raw materials being regularly charged to the top of the furnace and molten iron and slag being tapped from the bottom

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Meet Our Client

Project collaboration & site visit for developing advanced NDT method for stress corrosion cracking

research colaboration

Dr Harun & Dr Fitri

( Malaysia Nuclear Agency )

Project collaboration for FEA calculation shoot peening fo aluminum material

shoot peening research

Prof Omar

( University Tenaga Nasional Malaysia )

Project collaboration with Dr hussain for capturing CO2 at environment

research colaboration indonesia

Dr Hussain

( Malaysia Institute of Chemical and Bioenginering Technology )

we discuss FEA method for Kangean Energy Field case

Design Engineering training

Mr Hernowo

( Kangean Energy Indonesia )

Perfect , mr ramadhani is good designer , he was working for FEA calculation lifting arrangement for BP LNG Tangguh project , success for him

Mr Abi

( Senior Engineer - WIKA )

Mr ramadhani assisting design evaluation tru FEA tools , and brief us , "why" and "how" FEA work , i working with him to evaluate agitator blade design

Mr Sumanto

( Lead Engineer - PT Asia Pasific Fiber Tbk )

i was working with Mr Ahmed for evaluating twisting effect for fan blade structure , thank you for trust us as your consultant

FEA training

Ahmed Muhammad

( Mechanical Researcher - Libya )

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