Energia Indonesia is a Design & advanced Engineering Consultants . Founded by Independent Certified Professional Engineer – Ramadhani [Ramadhani@energiaindonesia.com] ,

Since 2011 Energia Indonesia has assist various project for Oil and Gas Company in Indonesia and worldwide . Specialize in structure engineering , process optimization , fluid dynamic , and heat transfer . Energia indonesia working with project owners, project vendor to performing initial design and validating design with minimum standard requirement.

Energia Indonesia performing advance design engineering in top level . Developing many design modeling technique to meet analytical solution standard in industries . we offering robust solution as our high precision tools in solving problems .

Energia Indonesia also developing new line up business in energy management sector, building energy design and management . Energia indonesia assist property owner to find optimizing solution for building operation system , idealizing condition to meet customer satisfactions, and cost controlled

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we helping you to improve your bussines operation